Dietitians who love food!

Be free of food anxiety, exercise guilt and body shame.

At figureate, accredited practising dietitians Zoe Nicholson, Kerrie Hill and Angela Tremayne, will help you get off the dieting merry-go-round and show you how to be free of food anxiety, exercise and body shame. We help you reconnect with your hunger and fullness, rediscover the pleasure of eating and learn how to feel better in your body. No cutting out your favourite foods, no going without and no dieting. At figureate, we use the Non-Diet Approach to help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals.


Our philosophy is simple…

  • Nurture a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • Reconnect with your signals of hunger and fullness to manage your eating
  • Eat mindfully and you can enjoy all food
  • Emphasise fresh whole foods, especially plant foods
  • Be mindful of highly processed food

What is a healthy relationship with food?

A healthy relationship with food is one where you don’t constantly worry about what you should or shouldn’t be eating, there is no guilt or anxiety attached to eating and you allow yourself to eat food that your truly enjoy.

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About Zoe…

Zoe founded figureate in 2004 with little more than a piece of paper, a pen and a highlighter. Zoe’s passion for helping people learn to enjoy all food and manage their health without dieting has resulted in figureate becoming a busy full-time private practice with 2 other dietitians Kerrie and Angela (see below). Zoe is now recognised as one of Australia’s leading dietitians with appearances on 774 ABC Melbourne, GOLD FM radio and numerous media contributions including the Herald Sun.

Zoe feels that a love of food is key to being a dietitian and one of Zoe’s primary goals is to help people stop dieting and instead, establish a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Zoe takes immense pleasure in seeing people change the way they think about food and health which enables them to enjoy all food and feel comfortable within their body. To do this, Zoe uses a combination of life experience, common sense, food awareness (or mindfulness) and psychology.

Zoe also holds a keen interest in food intolerance and this area of nutrition now accounts for around half her clientele.

In addition to private consulting, Zoe conducts nutrition seminars and workshops for various workplaces and corporations, something she enjoy immensely.

In June 2013 Zoe created the figureate dietetics Facebook page where she is passionate in providing balanced information on the latest food fads, nutrition topics and practical tips on eating well. The page receives a tremendous response from followers, fuelling Zoe’s passion for educating the public on food and nutrition. Zoe then co-founded The Moderation Movement in November 2014 with personal trainer Jodie Arnot. The Moderation Movement has gathered over 14,000 followers in less than 9 months and reinforces Zoe’s belief that a healthy relationship with all food is key to life.

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The Moderation Movement

Zoe also organises and runs bi-monthly networking meetings for dietitians who work in private practice across Melbourne.

Zoe has over 11 years experience in private practice.