Dry Needling

Trigger point shoulder painGetting to the Point of Muscle Pain

Dry needling is a method of treating muscle pain arising from  Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrPs) or knots.

MTrPs are typically small, hard areas within muscle that are painful when pressed. They can give rise to local or referred pain (pain felt at a distance from its source) and cause tightness in muscle, limiting your range of movement.

trigger points back painMTrPs commonly give rise to aching pain and may be the source of headache, hamstring pain and tightness or lower back pain. In fact, MTrPs can cause pain just about anywhere. Each muscle has specific locations where MTrPs are likely to arise and each one of these has it’s own distinct pattern of pain.

At leaps & bounds health clinic our practitioners using dry-needling have achieved the highest dry-needling qualification in Australia, so they’re skilled at identifying MTrPs and deactivating them with extremely fine acupuncture needles.

At leaps & bounds health clinic we are the industry leaders in dry-needling, based here in Melbourne.

Dr. Brett Rawlings was responsible to writing and delivering the curriculum for dry needling in the first degree course in Australia to incorporate dry needling. He has also conducted post-graduate dry needling seminars for health professionals.

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