The McKenzie Method


Helping Melbournians move in the right direction

The McKenzie Method was developed by Robin McKenzie, a physiotherapist in New Zealand. Formal training in this technique is only available to degree qualified health professionals with a minimum of two years clinical experience.

The McKenzie Method has branches in over 40 countries and we are one of the only people in Melbourne who deal with this Method. Its impressive results in treating pain, numbness, tingling and weakness are backed by rigorous scientific research.


We apply a comprehensive and logical step-by-step process to evaluate your problem quickly. Fundamental and unique to the McKenzie Method is the Mechanical Assessment, where repeated movements and sustained postures are evaluated to see what effect they have on your symptoms. ” In real life we perform movements repeatedly or sustain postures for long periods. Therefore testing movements once is generally of little value.” The information gained from the Mechanical Assessment forms the basis for the treatment plan.


In order to save you time and money by minimising the number of treatments you require, The McKenzie Method utilises Active Patient Involvement. From the Mechanical Assessment, certain movements will be identified that have a positive effect on your symptoms and others that have a negative effect by aggravating your symptoms.

By regularly performing the specific movements (active patient involvement) that reduce your symptoms, you will quickly begin to feel better by eliminating pain, stiffness, numbness or tingling and increasing your freedom and range of movement.

Ultimately, most patients can successfully treat themselves when provided with the necessary knowledge and tools. If your problem has a more difficult mechanical presentation, a qualified McKenzie therapist can provide advanced hands-on techniques until you can self-manage.


By learning self-treatment techniques, you gain valuable knowledge to help reduce the risk of recurrence and to rapidly deal with symptoms, if they do recur, putting you in control. This does not mean that you’re on your own. You can visit your practitioner whenever you feel the need, just to keep you moving in the right direction. To help you stay pain-free, your credentialed McKenzie Therapist will supply you with postural and ergonomic advice and you may also benefit from postural aids such as a McKenzie lumbar support that can be place in a car or office chair to improve your posture when sitting.

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